Cleaverville camping.

Living in the town of Tom Price in the Pilbara region of Western Australia (WA), we are quite isolated from the rest of the state. It’s a twelve hour drive to Perth (capital of WA) and a four hour or more drive to the coast, depending on which roads are available at the time.

We are surrounded by beautiful gorges, waterholes and National parks. Every year during the cooler months we receive many visitors, from fellow Australians caravaning around the country to European backpackers sleeping in their hired ‘Wicked’ vans. They come from near and far to experience first hand just how fantastic the region truly is.

Papa and I have been living in the Pilbara for nearly eight years, and in that time have only made a few trips to the coast and visited one of the many gorges available to us once. So we decided with some gentle nagging from me that we would buy a camper trailer and start taking in some of the sites just outside our back door.

Our home away from home.

Last month we decided to pack the trailer and with some friends head off for a couple of days of camping, fishing and a lot of relaxing. We ended up on the coast at a place called Cleaverville. A popular spot for day trips and extended stays due to its location and fishing. The camp area offers a natural boat ramp, public toilets for day users and sullage disposal points

Location of Cleaverville in WA.
tom price
Tom Price in relation to Cleaverville.

We found a great little spot to set up camp. Just walking distance to the water where we were able to throw in some lines and try our luck against the fish.


Base camp.

A little further up the track from our camp is a natural boat ramp at the mouth of Cleaverville creek. We also tried our luck against the fish there with much success. As soon as we threw in a line we were pulling out fish. Sadly they weren’t to size and it got too dark too quickly for us, so we had to head back to camp sooner than we would have liked.

The first of many returned to the water.
Roman having a fish, he loved it.
The kids had a fantastic time.

Should you consider heading to Cleaverville, here is what you need to know…

Camping season: 1 May to 30 September Fees apply during the camping season and are to be paid in advance to the City of Karratha caretaker on site. Camping fees are subject to change and are based on a per night tariff, with discounts available for longer stays. A current list of camping fees is available on the City of Karratha website at, from Ranger Services and from the caretaker on site. A maximum stay of 28 days applies within any three month period.

Off season: 1 October to 30 April No fees apply during the off season. However, the maximum length-of-stay is three nights per 28 days.

Camp site closure: The campsite can be closed at any time should the safety of the campers be threatened. During the cyclone season (November to April) the camp sites will be closed from Blue Alert until the All Clear is given.

What I learnt… When travelling on a dirt road towing a trailer take some precautions to protect the back window of the car. On our way home, we still had about an hours worth of travel on dirt road when our back window shattered due to a rogue rock bouncing off the stone guard on the trailer.

The car got a little dusty after we lost the window.

I’ll be investing in a stone stomper or something similar for our next off road journey.

Until next time…


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