Vive la France! Pt.1 A travel blog.

Papa and I have had the good fortune to travel around a tiny bit of Europe. Our first stop on our thirty day trip was Paris, referred to as either the city of lights or the city of love.

One of the many bridges crossing the Seine river where people have declared their love.

It was night time when we finally arrived at our hotel which was about 200 meters from the Eiffel Tower, a magnificent structure that looked beautiful when lit up at night. We also had the pleasure of dining at one of the restaurants located on the first level of the tower.

Tour Eiffel at night.

We had five days in Paris and Papa had a list of things he wanted to see, some of these included:

The Arc de Triomphe.

Papa in front of the Arc de Triomphe.


We took in a tour of the iconic gothic church Notre Dame de Paris. A spectacular building that is beautiful on the inside. It also houses the crown of thorns that Christ supposedly wore. We were lucky enough to also climb to the top of the bell tower.

Notre Dame de Paris.

We also did tours of the Louvre where we saw the famed Mona Lisa amongst other famous works of art. We saw a show at Moulin Rouge, visited the museum of Rodin, took a day trip to Versailles Palace and road a segway for the first time around its massive gardens.

Whilst in Paris, there was only one thing I wanted to do:

  1. Visit Père Lachaise Cemetery to see where the rock legend Jim Morrison of The Doors is buried. His plot would be easy to miss tucked away behind a huge tomb, if it wasn’t for the barrier covered with all sorts of stickers, string, necklaces and bracelets attracting attention to it.


The barrier keeping visitors away from Jim Morrison’s grave site.
Jim’s resting place.

Père Lachaise is an amazing cemetery. It opened in 1804, spans 44 hectares and has over 70,000 tombs. It really needs to be seen to be believed. The tombs go on forever and it would be easy to get lost in there if it wasn’t for the maps set up around the cemetery. The state of the tombs is also something that needs to be seen to be believed. From the immaculately looked after tombs to the old and decrepit that are all but destroyed by time and the weather.

Père Lachaise is also home to many rich and famous people and whilst Papa and I were there looking for Jim Morrison’s grave site, we managed to find Irish playwright, novelist and poet Oscar Wilde’s resting place and also that of French singer and international star Édith Piaf.

The tomb of Oscar Wilde.
The resting place of Edith Piaf.


Just some of the run down and extremely old plots that go on forever.

Paris is beautiful and I am glad to have experienced it. Would I go there again? Short answer, no. For me it’s a case of been there done that. We will return to France in the future and spend time in the countryside, the wine region and also by the sea.

Until next time…


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