Pizza night.

A few weeks ago Papa, Roman and myself went out for Thai with Rebecca from Sugar Snout and her family. Dinner was lovely and for dessert I treated myself to some deep fried ice cream. When my ice cream arrived, Rebecca told me that she could make a better fried ice cream than the one that was sitting in front of me, so I challenged her to do so. We decided that we would have a pizza night at Club Fossam and she would bring the dessert.

So I dusted off the pizza oven and went shopping for pizza toppings. Sugar Snout informed me that she would make the pizza dough for the bases and that she would be making the fried ice cream from scratch, so I decided that I would make the pizza sauce instead of buying it already made and also make a garlic confit to have on the pizzas.

Just four ingredients for the pizza sauce.

1 tin 400g whole peeled tomato’s. (I would of used fresh but the store didn’t have any that were ripe enough).

1/4 teaspoon salt (more or less to suit).

1 teaspoon oregano or Italian herbs (again more or less to taste).

2 pinches of black pepper.

Blend until smooth.

Two ingredients for the garlic confit.

For the garlic confit I used:

1 cup of garlic cloves.

250ml of olive oil.

Combine the ingredients in a small saucepan and cook at a low heat for an hour or until the garlic is soft.  Do not let the oil boil at any time. I had our stove top on the second lowest setting.

Garlic confit. Good for up to three months in the fridge if stored in an air tight jar.

The confit has a beautiful aroma and really added to the taste of the pizza’s we added it to. As for the pizza’s, they were great. The dough Sugar Snout made for us cooked  really well.

Tomato sauce, garlic confit, cheese, prawn and rocket.
Tomato sauce, cheese, prawn, capsicum and mushroom.

After a few drinks and a round of cards against humanity, it was time for dessert. What an absolute treat it was too. As I mentioned above, Sugar Snout made it all from scratch. The vanilla bean ice cream, the Madeira cake that was used to coat the ice cream and the caramel sauce was absolutely divine. I could easily have polished off a couple of them.

Deep fried ice cream for dessert.

If you would like the recipes for the vanilla bean ice cream, the Madeira cake or the caramel sauce head on over to Sugar Snouts Facebook Page and be sure to like it for more tasty treats.

Until next time…

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