Destination: Broome. Pt 1. Tom Price to Degrey River.

As the weather finally starts to cool here in the Pilbara, the camper trailers and caravans that have spent the summer months covered up, in a garage or under a patio finally get their chance to shine. Summer in the Pilbara can get ridiculously hot and is just not enjoyable to go camping. However, as autumn dawns and winter starts to sneak up for another year the weather is fantastic to venture into the great outdoors.

Recently I dragged out our camper trailer from under the patio to take it on a trip up to Broome with Roman and friends of ours, Patty, Bec and their two kids Nathan and Charlotte. Travelling to Broome from Tom Price is about a ten hour journey so we decided to have a stop over on the way at Degrey River. The drive was quite uneventful with not much scenery to take in, just dry flat land with the odd outcrop of rock and the many parking bays available until we reached the town of Port Hedland. Even then, we were able to bypass Port Hedland and continue on our way to our first destination.

WA degrey map
Tom Price to Degrey River.

We had been told that the Degray River was quite pretty with good fishing when there was water and even the odd crocodile sighting. Needless to say when we got there, we kept our kids close by at all times and we didn’t venture too close to the water.

My camper trailer ready to set up.
Our camp for the night & my friends camper almost set up.

Degrey River is a beautiful spot. Full of lush green grass, trees and tracks that lead in all directions to different camping spots. The day we arrived, there were several people already set up and more continued to come throughout the day.

The Degrey River.
The Degrey River and bridge crossing.

That night we enjoyed a nice dinner with a few drinks around a camp fire, topped off with toasted marshmallows. Then, it was early to bed. One thing I’ve noticed with camping, well for me anyway is the fact that I’m in bed very early. In bed early and up early with the sun rise.

The following day we would pack up our camp site and continue on our way to Broome.

Until next time…

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