Destination: Broome. Pt 2. Broome.


Leaving our camp site at Degrey River, we still had ourselves a 531 kilometre drive to reach our destination of Broome. So after waking up with the sun, eating a quick breakfast, packing up the camper trailers, we were on our way again.

broome map
Degrey River to Broome.

On our way we decided to stop at 80 Mile Beach, to have a stretch and let the kids have a run around. We were told 80 mile was a beautiful beach with white sand, an amazing amount of shells and the bluest of blue water. We were not lied to.

My boy Roman ready to race on the white sand.
A panoramic of 80 Mile Beach.
The blue water of 80 Mile.

Broome is a beach resort town in western Australia’s Kimberley region. It has a peak and off peak season which determines the availability of tours and activities in Broome and its surrounding areas. Along the coastline, are the white sands of 22km-long Cable Beach famous for it’s sunset camel rides.

A little after lunch we finally arrived in Broome and the caravan park we would be staying at in Roebuck Bay (old Broome). We set up camp near the waters edge then went for a drive out to Gantheaume Point to see the dinosaur tracks that are in the beach’s red rocks. When we got there, it wasn’t low tide so we decided we’d try our luck the following day and instead we headed back to camp to settle in with some dinner and drinks and get ready to see the ‘Staircase to the Moon’.

Our little home away from home.
A panoramic of Roebuck Bay taken at our camp site.

Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon which occurs when a full moon rises over the exposed tidal flats of Roebuck Bay. The Staircase to the Moon happens 2 – 3 days a month between March and October. It must be said that the staircase to the moon is not native to just Broome. It occurs in many places around the Pilbara and Kimberly regions of Australia. It is however a beautiful site to behold, the moon a deep red in colour as it rises up over the water before turning white the higher it gets into the sky. The lovely bottle of red we drank also added to the experience.

Not my picture. Unfortunately my camera couldn’t do it justice.

The following day we headed back to Gantheaume Point at low tide. Unfortunately we missed the lowest part of the tide required to see the dinosaur prints, so we had a walk around the rocks then went back to camp to get our fishing gear and try our luck fishing with the incoming tide. A google search will reveal some of the ‘real’ dinosaur prints that are there.

Roman and examples of the prints we missed seeing.
Gantheaume Point.
Gantheaume Point

Back at Gantheaume Point we had more luck with the fish than we did with the dinosaur feet. The fish weren’t of a decent size to eat so their lives were spared and returned to the ocean. It was a good day for Roman, Nathan and Charlotte too as they each managed to catch their first fish.

Me with one of my catches.
Roman and I reeling in his first fish.
A very happy Roman with his first ever fish.

A good day fishing was had by all. That night was more of the same back at camp. Dinner, drinks and another viewing of the staircase to the moon. The following day we would return home. A journey taken in one day. It was a long drive and a very long day. However, it was wonderful to be back home and in my own bed.

In our short time in Broome we didn’t even scratch the surface of what is available to do there. For more ideas of things to do in Broome you can click here.

Until next time…

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