Lentil and chorizo soup.


adjective syn·on·y·mous \-məs\
One definition of synonymous:
Having the same connotations, implications, or reference.
  • To foodies, soup is synonymous with winter.

It may not be winter here in Australia yet, however the nights here in Tom Price are cooling down and more to the point I wanted to make a soup. A lentil soup. And guess what? I did.

As with every food dish I have blogged about so far, this was made in the Thermomix. It can just as easily be made without one. To be honest, having used the exact amount of ingredients that the recipe required, the Thermomix bowl was just big enough to hold them all.

One thing I did have to do was turn down the cooking temperature from 100 degrees to 90 degrees to stop it from bubbling out the top of the lid. So perhaps a big bowl on the stove top would have been better.

The chorizo added a nice little spicy flavour to the soup.

The ingredients.

Note: I had no idea of what celeriac was and instead of googling it, I used celery.

250g lentils

1100g water

120g onions, cut into halves

200g bacon cubes

100g celeriac (celery), cut into pieces

100g carrots, cut into pieces

200g potatoes, cut into small cubes

100g leek, cut into slices

2 cubes meat stock

30g vinegar

120g chorizo cut into slices

Now what you do is:

  1. Place lentils and 700g of the water into a bowl and soak them for 6-8 hours.
  2. Place onions into mixing bowl. chop 3 sec on speed 5.
  3. Add bacon cubes, sauté 3 mins varoma temp on speed 1.
  4. Add celeriac (celery) and carrots, chop 5 sec on speed 5.
  5. Add lentils with the soaking water, potatoes, leek, 400g water and meat stock             cubes, cook 25 mins at 90 degrees reverse speed 1.
  6. Add vinegar and chorizo slices, cook 4 mins 90 degrees reverse speed 1.
The ingredients all chopped up.


The finished product.

What I learnt… The soup tasted delicious but looked nothing like the soup in the recipe I followed. Their soup looked watery and soup like, mine was quite thick in texture. Certainly not a deal breaker and I will make it again. Maybe in winter.

Until next time…

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